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Hello Everyone,
Big welcome for all followers, members and visitors of Manga Tales website
I have Added new updates and features for dear site members
I get a lot of suggestion letters to add new features to the site to improve and develop its use
The site is still in the experience of development and improvement
The is what I have added  so far
1-Manga Reader page
From the main menu in the header, under the publishing link there is a link titled Manga Reader
This page shows a new interface for Bookmark,  manga and novels that have been read previously, as well as settings for the number of pages the user wants to appear while reading manga.

2. New Notifications
There is a red icon on the site, which is private to subscribe to show notification when adding new chapters to favorite projects

When you subscribe, this icon will disappear and you will receive alerts on your Internet browser, even if you are not browsing  Manga Tales website.

3. Modification of project information
The owner of each project can now modify the project data itself from the same project page.
(Note: the editing and deletion of chapters is temporarily disabled)

Important NOTES:
The Notifications property for replies will soon be changed with chat and private messages
. So please take a copy of the important private messages because they may be lost with the new update
Few Project admin allow followers to download their chapters, so the features of downloading chapters will be deleted.
This is because there are few people who are actually downloading from the site for projects that are allowed to be downloaded.

If any of you have any other observations
Don’t hesitate to communicate with me.

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